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Thread: Looking for singer for Bollywood / Hindi Acoustic Duo

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    Looking for singer for Bollywood / Hindi Acoustic Duo

    Hi there,

    I'm a guitarist keen to team up with a singer to form an acoustic duo focusing on Hindi / Bollywood songs. This is a niche concept and I foresee ample opportunities to play gigs to a niche audience in a compact acoustic duo format. If you find this interesting do WhatsApp me on 9668 3324 and let's talk.

    My background - 39 year old Indian guy, married, originally from Mumbai (India), living in Singapore for the past 12 years. Currently on a career break from my corporate life. I stay at Ambers Gardens which is on the east side and can host you for our practice sessions. Here's my youtube channel for some reference on what / how I play.

    Relevant Gear - Martin dreadnaught acoustic electric guitar, Taylor GS Mini acoustic electric guitar, Roland 2 channel acoustic amp, Zoom A2.1u acoustic effects processor, Roland Quad Capture recording interface, SM58 / SM57 / AT2020 mics and Garage Band recording software.

    1. If you're interested WhatsApp me at 96683324
    2. We can schedule for a kick-off jam session at my place or your place based on mutual preferences
    3. If the above experience is positive for both of us, then we can agree to take this forward
    4. Once or twice a week jamming sessions, working towards building a performance repertoire of 15-20 songs (2-3 months)
    5. Seek out opportunities to do gigs and start playing live

    PS - If we make it to step 4 then we can also explore recording of our performance and posting it on Youtube.

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    Re: Looking for singer for Bollywood / Hindi Acoustic Duo

    Hey! I'm looking to jam with an acoustic guitarist who can also sing/harmonise and from the looks of your videos I checked out, you tick the boxes.

    I unfortunately do not do Bollywood/Hindi songs so that's out the window.

    Some of my influences are Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, Adele and the likes. I can send you some of my extremely amateur recordings if you're keen to take a listen and we can go from there. Do let me know! Have a great weekend! 😊

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