Alive and Kicking is a Snakeweed initiative to capture unique sounds from our sonic environment and to create a new track that best defines the new normal in our covid times. A music programme specially for local musicians in Singapore.

The task - Musicians are required to capture audio from the surrounding environment in a variety of locations around Singapore, and with the newly sampled sounds, produce a new record from scratch in collaboration with Snakeweed Studios.

Episode 1 - Mediocre Haircut Crew (MHC)

Three dudes who met in polytechnic, omarKENOBI, mickeyLEANO and daniKIDDO realised they could rhyme words together on tempo and went on to form Mediocre Haircut Crew: a testament to their shitty hairdos. After uncovering their hidden powers through the miracle of online beats and a Macbook mic, the three started producing music and continue to do just that for anyone that bothers to listen. Influenced by 1990s hip hop and a wide range of alternative music, the boys always deliver
honest lyrics and never shy away from speaking their minds.