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Thread: Female Singers for Mando Originals

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    Female Singers for Mando Originals

    dear ladies,

    I have some mando originals which i have yet to find the correct female voice to render.

    The songs are at

    夜晚抱抱猫 - young voice, optimistic
    (about a princess who wishes to escape from a castle, and later stumbles upon a kitten.)

    星空 - preferably btw 21-27, determined voice
    (a song about courage to chase your dream.)

    迷路 - mature voice, pessimistic
    (getting lost and trapped...)

    if you think you like any of these songs and would like to give a try to sing it,


    1. Full Name
    2. Gender: F
    3. Age
    4. Contact number
    5. short intro about yourself
    6. sample of your mando singing
    7. name of song you like to sing, eg 夜晚抱抱猫

    if selected, we will do up a proper post-production and credit you as the singer of the song, in youtube.
    you may also add this to your portfolio in singing.

    ^ ^
    16 March 2021
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    Re: Female Singers for Mando Originals

    a sample of the final product of such projects

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