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Thread: The new line up

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    The new line up

    Hey been writing originals and kinda want to release it this year. Recordings and vids

    Need a drummer,
    A bassist or guitarist or if u can play both..

    I play the post hardcore/metal and im a rhythm guitarist

    I know we are all in this for passion and i have my fair share of experiences of people who come and go due to committment issues i think the least decent thing is to at least inform members in advance..

    So if u guys wanna rock on, and go somewhere with the music you feel like making in a band do pm me yea

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    Re: The new line up

    Hi, i totally get how u feel. ive been wanting to release my own ep too for the past year. im a bassist mainly, but i have both bass and guitar. what genre band are you thinking of forming? whatsapp me if u still looking to form a band 98004041
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