Hi all,

As CNY approaches, looking to spring-clean some gear at very affordable prices.

Letting go a beautiful Yamaha RGX A2 in a rare sparkle red. The A2 project had to combine three crucial factors, great sound, light weight, and sufficient strength to withstand the huge forces generated by strings under tension. Intensive research and development led to the creation of A.I.R. (Alternative Internal Resonance) technology. Although it uses a solid body design, the incredible resonance created by the unique construction method produces a big, open sound that resonates throughout the guitar's entire body.

Super resonant, super light, and just sounds great.


Body: Original A.I.R. (Alternative Internal Resonance) with a solid Falkata core and Agathis top and back
Neck: Bolt-on Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Yamaha original with 3 sound tubes into core
Electronics: 2 Yamaha Alnico Humbuckers
Controls: Graphic Pickup Selector Knob, Volume Knob (LED lights Blue and Green indicators)

Swapped the pickups for Tesla P90s, will include the original. Modified the rotary 3-way for a rotary 5-way.

Pickup selection as follows:
Neck Parallel
N + B
N + B split outer

Not looking to trade, looking to liquidate.

Cash and Carry.


Thank you.

Fender, PRS, Gibson, Suhr, Ibanez