*Note that we are only an average band, jamming and trying to come out with our own originals

Hi prospective fellow bass mate,

We are a band of 4: 1 who's the female vocalist, 1 lead guitarist, 1 rhythm guitarist and finally, me as the drummer. Our age ranges from 20-29. We are not competitive. But we are friendly! We don't judge but try our best to help one another improve our individual skills.

If you are a boy or girl, it doesn't matter. Equality. As long as you have the passion for music and patient to develop originals alongside us then you would fit our band.

You must have been waiting for this. What genre(s) do we play. Well, our vocalist and lead enjoy (1) pop, rhythm guitarist enjoys mostly (2) indie rock, (3) alternative rock, while, me (4) dreampop and electronic. We have experimented the different aforementioned genres and are fine with any despite our preferred music taste. This shows that we are very understanding mates (as compared to many bands out there:P).

However, at the end of the day, there should be a conclusion to prolong the interest of the band. Hence, do listen to https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hh1WeQxfCX0 or any song by Dayglow as we are probably heading towards this style of playing.

Sorry for all the talking as I am scholar who enjoys writing. If you wanna get to know more about me "via online" before joining us, search by my name "Gary Lau Hwei" on Google or Insta "garynotstupid" (But don't follow me as I have stopped using insta). Sounds produced by me @ Check out Kingo Gary on #SoundCloud

Thank you!

*Interested party, please WhatsApp Gary at 88539195. Thanks.