Hi guys, I fell in love with Klezmer after listening to Balkan Beatbox and Amsterdam Klezmer Band.
I think it's the best music to end a party with - i.e. everyone half delirious/drunk, dancing in unplanned circles, sweat soaking through their clothes.

One of the best parties of my life was at Artistry which is now closed. I played in a gypsy jazz band, and we closed with a DJ who played Klezmer. The air-conditioning broke down. The beer ran out. And people were still dancing. Best party ever.

Anyway, it would be SUPER AMAZING to find anyone here who might be interested in playing klezmer for fun. I am learning some klezmer tunes on the accordion, and accompaniment by violin, clarinet, trumpet/cornet, percussion for starters would be awesome.

Or if you're just interested in klezmer in general, hit me up.