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Thread: Pro Audio Power Conditioner for Musical Instruments/Equipment

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    Pro Audio Power Conditioner for Musical Instruments/Equipment

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    This is a power conditioner which filters the electricity from your mains and provides 'clean power' to your audio equipment.

    It has AC filtration to remove RFI/EMI interference so you get a cleaner, quieter and lower noise floor without the hum and ground loop problems.

    More importantly, it has surge/spike protection to protect your expensive gear from any damage during unexpected power trips or surges.

    BOUGHT AT $50, SELLING AT $25. SMS/WHATSAPP 868888nine2 TO DEAL.

    Weiduka AC 2.2 Advanced 1500W (Max. 2200W) Purifier Conditioner Filter 3 in 1

    – Performance Power Conditioner Filter Protection (AC filters, surge absorption, automatic overload circuit protection)
    – Imported high quality components, high purity copper wire, unique and patented filter. – 10A automatic overload circuit breaker
    – 4x universal socket outlets, gold
    - Its purified power greatly benefits all electrical devices.
    - Universal input voltage; 1500W ; 10A
    - Dimensions: 300mm x 72mm x 50mm

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