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Thread: Forming a 3-piece Acoustic Mando band

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    Forming a 3-piece Acoustic Mando band

    Hi jammers and musicians, i'm in my mid-20s male vocalist/rhythm guitarist, the guitar part i wouldnt say i am a pro but i will try my best. I also do a little bit of guitar singing.

    I'm actually looking for the following roles:
    ○ keyboardist
    ○ lead/rhythm acoustic guitarist

    **Bonus if you into singing as well and/or knows cajon.

    Not much preference in age, maybe less than 35 and no preference for gender.

    Personal preference of music will be mostly mandopop, soft rock and ballads, bilingual to simplify. I also like to bring new life into old/classic songs with new arrangments, normally by watching those music variety shows to get ideas.

    Future plan for this group, we can try open mics, scape busking or even getting the busking licence.

    Due to covid, live performances has not been allowed, we can only book studio and jam.

    Dm me for more details in which i will provide my ig profile to view my music clips and number for contact.

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    Re: Forming a 3-piece Acoustic Mando band

    Thread is still open, looking for musicians to collaborate, beginner level and lets learn together

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