Samantha Ng & Pearline Pang
Samantha Ng is a singer-songwriter based in Singapore. In 2013, she started a YouTube channel, posting covers and original songs. She also started performing in charity events and original open mics nights including Soft TV’s “The Singer Songwriter Series” and performances at the Esplanade library series. In 2016, she released her debut EP, “Missing you” which featured 3 songs about the different stages of falling in love. After a short hiatus Samantha is back with a Christmas original, it’s not Christmas without you which she co-wrote with Pearline pang.
Singer-songwriter Pearline Pang composes songs about her experiences in life. Writing since the age of 12, Pearline has performed in various concerts and open mic nights and loves expressing herself and feelings through the power of music.

About the song
“It’s not Christmas without you” revolves around the yearning for a loved one during the Christmas holiday season.
The song is typical, almost traditional Christmas music fare with a relaxed, “feel good” vibe. Interesting use of sparse music accompaniment on a sonic background of essentially “electronic string and pianos” interlaced with bell like chimes for an authentic Christmas sonic offering. Lovely arrangement which is perfect for “snugging up with warm cup of hot chocolate with a loved one” material.
The lyrics speak of yearning for a loved one’s return during the yuletide with a fresh, innocent quality. The vocals have a pleasant yet eclectic feel with interesting harmony lines. The vocal introduction and refrains remind older listeners of “The 3 degrees” and the main vocals bears semblances to Yoko Ono’s early work. While certain lines could have been arranged for a smoother offering, the duo offers a family, with an almost “childlike” innocence of vocals which in all aspects is interesting.

Teaser: Watch the vocal tracking sessions here:

“It’s Not Christmas Without You” is available on most music sharing platforms. Have a listen with a loved one.