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Thread: Looking for a Drummer

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    Looking for a Drummer

    We’ve been a band for 2 months now. We’re 14, 15 and 16 years old. Recording our firsts demos, we have quite a few original materials and honestly our drummer cant keep tempo as he is a guitarist filling in as one. We are looking for a hard hitting drummer. we dont go to a studio as we practice in our bassist’s basement. Looking for someone around the same age as us, if you think we might be paedophiles. We’re not and we can prove it. We just really need a good and hard hitting drummer.

    We love, heavy riffs and catchy melodies e.g Nirvana, Neutral milk hotel, Abba, the beatles, sonic youth. We also love punk e.g Dead kennedys, bikini kill, black flag, sex pistols, the ramones, the CB dogs. Also shoegaze e.g my bloody valentine, slowdive. We listen to Other things e.g AC/DC, led zeppelin, the smiths, the cure, the pixies, hanatarash and mac demarco

    We’re trying to expand our sound and not just stick with one genre, because we’re a different breed [ B) ] but seriously, we really need a drummer. Our band Instagram is @blithe__sg

    Tank you :|
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