The Audio Director is the owner of the audio experience: Vision and Quality.The role has a major emphasis on management, creativity, technology, communication, problem solving and mitigation.Several additional stakes:Games brand consistency
Creating strong emotions, epic moments and appealing stories
Time to market
Leveraging our team talent and our technology

Creative Objectives

Oversee, design and implement a rich audio experience, while conforming to the technical guidelines of the target platforms, for all components of the games: Virtual Worlds, Interfaces, Videos...;
inspire the development teams, create a nice and inspiring place to work for our teams, in particular to experience the in-game audio;
grow technical skills in the audio field and stay in touch with the latest industry technology, including preparing the Next Gen challenge;
seek feedback from his/her peers and leads. Participate in meetings and reviews.

Business objectives:Promote the game, the team and build bridges with key partners including Editorial.
Release of great marketing assets
Ensure on time delivery for milestones, partnering with production and QC, as well as using project management tools and processes

Design And Project Management

Drive the creation process of the ambiance, the dialogs, the music in game and in cinematics
Participate in the Schedule and Identify dependencies & contingency plans based on scope and quality
Ensuring strong partnership with designers, cinematic directors and level designers to nail quality and to be efficient
Document processes and procedures in a precise way

Team management

Ensure that team health is good for each report: regular 1 on 1s for every direct report. Manage reports with clears JDs and challenging Objectives to get the best out of the team. Drive employee engagement & retention
Being the production representative in the team, therefore responsible for communicating and applying Production directives
Problem and conflict solving
Responsible of communicating the results of the team regularly
Ensure close collaboration with the Montreal Dev Team: ONE TEAM
Show exemplary commitment, even in critical situations
Demonstrate leaderships, charisma, enthusiasm and commitment
Ensure the development and professional training of his team
Highlight and accommodate inter-team dependencies

For The Studio And The Group

The success of the project is the main objective, success also means growing the studio competencies
Identify and promote the application of the best ideas and innovation
Share experience, develop a Ubisoft culture
Understand market trends and styles