Yamaha Acoustic Guitars made in the Japanese Nippon Gakki Factory model between 1966 up to the mid 70ties were some of the most prized guitars back in the day.

And, today, you can get the chance to own one of these super rare made in Japan guitars.

This model is rarely seen outside of Japan as it is a Japan Domestic Model. In fact, this is probably one of the few, if only one found in Singapore.

An originally 12 string model that has been strung up with 6 strings allows for a really unique sound combination due to the larger lower bout that allows for a bassy but balanced sound.

More importantly, this allows you to enjoy a guitar is nicely set up for big and bold strumming.

A true vintage piece which has seen some dings over the last half century (yes this guitar is almost 50 years old so please do not expect a pristine looking piece of wood), the sound of this guitar literally tells a story that is clear, but yet resonant.

A healthy set of D'Addario strings have been added so you literally can just pick this guitar up and play it from the get go

I will also include a cover to so as to enable you to easily carry the guitar and bring it around.

WA me at 91128560 to deal at this unbeatable price for this Rare Made in Japan Nippon Gakki Yamaha FG260 Acoustic Guitar