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Thread: UKULELE + CHRISTMAS = DOUBLE FUN (Online Course)

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    Aloha from Singapore,
    How are you all doing?

    Accompanying singing or melody with ukulele doesn't need to be strumming all the time. We can utilise some notes/melody (licks) in our strumming to colour our accompaniment.

    Here's some sample of using some melody plucking combined with strumming for this Christmas carol :

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    I know it's too early for Christmas, but this song is one of the songs I'll teach in our upcoming online Christmas Ukulele Course. Check this for the details :

    Join us for the fun journey of ukulele learning (songs, chord progressions, playful rhythm, grooves, plucking & strumming pattern, t=running notes, etc) & celebrate Christmas with us.

    See you soon

    "UKE-tide Ho-LELE-day Mood" Christmas album is available on all major online media platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc) and on this link :

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    Re: UKULELE + CHRISTMAS = DOUBLE FUN (Online Course)

    Aloha from Singapore,

    We'll have some fun online Christmas Edition Strum & Pluck Ukulele Course & Jam Session this coming October until December. It's gonna be a rewarding musical and memorable warm experience for you.

    A snippet from Christmas at Orchard Rd 2018. One of the songs for jamming will be this well-loved song :

    Here's the details & how to register :

    Register now, spread the news, ask your friends & family to join. Let's have fun soon

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