Hi we are looking for a good/rock/punk drummer who can keep tempo. does not need to be technical or be very good we just need someone who has experience on drums. Our band ig is @blitheeeeeeee

After many months of searching none of our schoolmates are interested in jamming with us since a majority of them have no experience with a drumset

so far we have: vocals(14yrs), guitar(14yrs), bass (16yrs)

Majority of us are sec 2, we are 14 and 16 this year( 2020). We are looking for someone around the same age as us. no Gender preference, and also be committed.

If you wanna see or hear our band before you join, you are welcome to drop me a text. (We might not be comfortable with someone way older) if you parents/guardian are skeptical that we might be predators, they can join us for a jam session to prove that we are real. We can give them our contact info too

We also hope u can travel to the botanical gardens, cluny hill area
there is where we jam

Influences: Nirvana, Green day, pixies, radiohead, alice in chains, Soundgarden, pearl jam, the Beatles, dead kennedys, black flag, ramones, ETC basically anything punk rock, grunge, rock, alternative rock, or even shoegaze.

We already have quite a few of original materials and would like to expand our sound to be unique and different.