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Thread: 踮起脚尖爱 ~ 蓝天昱 Sky LAN (cover)

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    踮起脚尖爱 ~ 蓝天昱 Sky LAN (cover)



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    Another mando that i love. decided to do up my own arrangement and tada !

    this song sums up my roller-coaster mood swing personality disorder for the past 20 years. for people who have known me and witnessed my transformation since year 2000, thanks for being around... to my band mates and music friends that i have said things in a wrong way to, a thousand apologies.

    being imperfect only makes me want to do better music for all

    may the Lord be with anyone who needs His Love...

    ^ ^
    Sky LAN 天昱

    if you struggle with mando songwriting or music related stuff, you may email me at
    i am a singer-songwriter, music arranger + sound engineer
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