Dear Drummers and Percussionists,

Due to urgent relocating, I am letting go of my beloved cymbals collection
All cymbals are natural finish

Sabian Manhattan Jazz Ride 20"--SGD 250.00
Zildjian Vintage Ride 20"--SGD 100.00
Sabian Vintage 80´s China 18"--SGD 120.00
Zildjian K Dark Med. Thin Crash 16"--SGD 160.00
Paiste Signature Thin Crash 14"--SGD 140.00
Meinl Byzance Splash 6"--SGD 40.00
Zildjian Avedis Splash 10"--SGD 70.00

All Cymbals are High-End for Professional Use and in Excellent condition. No keyholes or cracks.
I took great care of these cymbals.
Please WhatsApp to require Photos.

Kind regards

Phone: 98215NINE22