whazzzuuup, plain and simple, im building a band right now and there's currently 3 of us.

we havent played in YEARS, but recently agreed, that jamming is fxxking fun and spiritually and mentally nutritious,
and we wanna play again.

its a mish mash of people and personalities and backgrounds and age,
but with a common goal - we wanna play black and death, period.

and maybe a bunch of oldies and classics and fun songs which may not even be metal at all.

we're gonna do mostly covers, if not entirely, and we wanna make jamming a regular part of our lives for all the years to come.

hit me up ASAAAAAAP, hands and feet itchy already!!!!

(its ok if youre rusty as hell, the last time i myself played was like more than 15 years ago HAHAHA