hi all
been a decade and change since i actively look for members to share passion in music. decide to pick it up again.

the main objective of this posting is the following:
I am looking for another guitarist with main interest in rock genre particular Japanese rock (Luna Sea, Gazette, Dir En Grey). this is to establish a regular routine/discipline of IRL practice that solo practice just cannot provide. We will rotate both the lead & rhythm parts since most J bands have two guitarists.
Since there will be no drums (only metronome to keep tempo) the idea is to practice outdoors with portable battery operated amps like Marshall MS-2

if a vocalist wants to tag along and sing his heart is out while wearing the mask come on in lol. in the event somehow this arrangement becomes a full band then it becomes sensible to spend the money in a jam studio to practise instead.

song examples of the skill level i am currently on:
Luna Sea= i for you, Love Song
Gazette= Kagefumi
Dir En Grey= Aint Afraid to Die

hit me up on whats app Wan = 825eight 36fivetwo