Female vocalist here! I can also play the keyboard and am hoping to learn the guitar. I'm also dabbling in music production/re-arrangements recently learning as I go along

I'm hoping to find people to form a band with, as I recognise I do not have the expertise in other sound elements yet I wish I can make more "complete" music with full bodies/elaborate (hopefully) arrangements.

I listen to a wide variety and love exploring different genres.
I listen to mando mainly, but I definitely do listen to English from time to time.
My fave singer-songwriters are: Lala Hsu, Hua Chenyu (some songs haha)
I used to only listen to mandopop but recently I have forayed into rock, jazz etc, I even enjoy listening to sophisticated classical music!

I hope to bring different elements together to create new and refreshing music

Hope to find like-minded people here to explore music together and to create some good stuffsssss

My IG: sunflowerta (my latest covers are there)

Hope to hear from my future potential bandmates soon please feel free to post your works too for me to have a listen

Thank you!