Hi guys,

I'm a guitarist (male, 26) looking for peeps to form a band/group to do covers. Doesn't have to be too many people also. Don't mind a duo also.

I've been playing and practicing alone. I think it's time to find people to play with.

I'm more into the indie cultures in Taiwan.
Favorite group includes
Accuse five 告五人 https://youtu.be/_zv8Y94eLYI
Eggplantegg 茄子蛋
Vast and hazy https://youtu.be/0vv149qqciw

I don't mind playing pop songs too but I just prefer the indie scenes in Taiwan haha.

My goal is to be able to write songs in the future.

If you share the same music taste as me, can Telegram me at barrykewl or WhatsApp at 8four9eight zero5six0.