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Thread: Post rock band looking for Guitarist

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    Post rock band looking for Guitarist


    We're looking for a committed guitarist to join my band. I'm a guitarist too and we will have a complete lineup once we have another guitarist.

    3/4 of us has been playing alternative/indie rock originals in a previous band for awhile now, but we will no longer play any of the old materials. We're exploring a new sound which is heavily influenced by post-rock. E.g. EITS, TWDY, Mono, Sigur Ros, Russian Circles, We lost the Sea etc, hence you can consider the band relatively new.

    We're all working individuals between 28-31 and just started writing the originals. Requirements for guitarist would be that you'll need to
    - be able to contribute to the songwriting process. If you have song ideas that is a bonus
    - playing style needs to be post-rock influenced especially on the delay and reverb usage
    - be near to our age group and able to jam on weekday nights at central areas

    Interested hit me up at 9366 4140

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    Re: Post rock band looking for Guitarist

    still looking and an update that we will not be jamming weekday nights. likely weekend afternoons

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