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Thread: Looking for west area novice jamming buddies!

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    Looking for west area novice jamming buddies!

    I have been playing the electric guitar for 3 years but find that my progress in learning is slow, and would love to have someone to jam with and stay accountable to, to work on more skills together beyond my own techniques.

    Iím looking for (not professionals), but novice musicians of similar age, (at about 20+ years old), and of the similar learning path as me! (Able to play some leads, rhythm, but not yet solid at improvising or doing song covers).

    My first step is finding a rhythm/lead electric guitarist that wants to learn, jam and practice together actively. Perhaps exchanging ideas of riffs, licks, improvisations and share things that we can learn together. I would prefer similar genres of pop/blues/rock/punk rock/progressive metal/heavy metal. We can jam either at my place or yours (if youíre open to it!). Prefer if you stay near the West, so that traveling is less painful

    At a later stage, Iíll welcome vocalists, bassists and drummers too (but perhaps not yet!)! But if you have a similar purpose of learning, and donít mind jamming, Iím happy to give it a try!

    An idea of the songs Iíd like to jam:
    - Metallica - nothing else matters, enter sandman
    - Green Day - Holiday, 21 Guns
    - Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
    - Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
    - John Mayer,Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes songs too..

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    Re: Looking for west area novice jamming buddies!

    If you're interested, do kindly PM me via my profile, whatsapp my number at 84353078, or you can reply the thread here!
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    Re: Looking for west area novice jamming buddies!

    Hi hi, this is still open, hmu if interested

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