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Thread: Ukulele Online Course - Elementary & Intermediate Classes

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    Ukulele Online Course - Elementary & Intermediate Classes


    I & some students initially thought that online wasn't a good platform to learn ukulele, nevertheless the situation "forced" us to try that. And surprisingly it went well

    As we've been having online classes from April 2020 there are a lot of positive responses from my students. Here's some compilation of the responses.
    (With my rendition of Disney Lava Song back ground)

    This coming Saturday 27th June 2020 we'll be starting our new fun online Elementary & Intermediate Class under Bishan Community Club

    The ELEMENTARY class is designed to give you solid foundation for your ukulele learning journey beyond usual strumming.

    The teaching and training includes :
    1. Ukulele philosophy
    2. Understanding the concept of musical note
    3. Fingerboard mapping
    4. Ukulele tuning concept
    5. Introduction to major scale solfege
    6. Building diatonic chords in major scale
    7. Rhythm knowledge and exercises
    8. Right hand plucking techniques
    9. Melody playing
    10. Recognising chord characters (ear training)
    11. Recognising simple chord progression (ear training)
    12. Fitting the chords to the song by hearing (ear training)
    13. Basic left hand exercise
    14. Basic right hand strumming technique and pattern
    15. Recognizing song format
    16. Learning songs

    Here's the details & the registration link :
    Sample from the previous class :

    The INTERMEDIATE class is for those who's got music background and understand solfege on ukulele fingerboard. There will be some interesting various topics that could be explored in this class such as : fingerstyle solo playing (chord-melody), various groove style, arranging,& reharmonisation, etc.

    Here's the details :

    Some sample from Intermediate class :

    Fun & essential go hand in hand in this classes. Spread the info & get your contacts to join you

    See you in the classZoom

    Aloha, I & some students initially thought that online wasn't a good platform to learn ukulele, nevertheless the situation "forced" us to try that. And surpr...

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    Re: Ukulele Online Course - Elementary & Intermediate Classes

    Hi everyone, how are you doing? Hope you're all well ��

    A lot of people associates ukulele with strumming, and they're right. But this little Hawaiian instrument's not limited to just's also a melody instrument and an orchestral instrument too as it's capable for us to play the melody & chord simultaneously on it.
    Discover the beauty of this instrument from the foundational concept with our upcoming fun online classes at Bishan Community Club
    In the elementary class I will reveal the logic of the ukulele fingerboard, guiding you to "taste" the different tone colour of ukulele, doing simple training to differentiate the chords character by hearing, explaining the feeling of chord progression, playing rhythm game, logical concept behind diatonic chords, and many other fun foundational concepts to equip you for your further ukulele study.

    In intermediate class I will teach various topics (could be about certain style of rhythm, techniques, more advance chord progression, solo chord-melody concept, improvisation, etc). Everything's build upon the concept you've gained in the elementary class.
    Some snippets from our classes :

    Q : Could we learn effectively online?"
    A : Yes, we still can learn effectively. Imagine every student seated in the "front row" at the comfort of their home to see the big whiteboard & looking at my demo clearly.
    Here're some snippet of some online classes in which you can see how the "classzoom" looks like from student's screen clearly :

    Some testimonial from my online classes that I compiled into a video's in the previous post

    Find out more about the details of the courses & the registration in these links below : (Elementary) (Intermediate)
    Join our fun classes & start enjoying ukulele in more meaningful way ��
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    Re: Ukulele Online Course - Elementary & Intermediate Classes

    Aloha ��

    Happy Mid Autumn festival.

    Here's classic Mandarin song by Teresa Teng "Moon Represent My Heart" that I played early this year in a gig at ToriYard

    Perhaps you asked how to memorise all the ukulele notes & chords...and I'd tell you that there's better way to play. Yes we still memorise, but we just need to memorise the principles...and later on you can infuse your creativity to make music. It's fun ��

    Currently I'm trying to gather participants to open up a private group for elementary ukulele class.
    In this lesson I'll reveal the basic logical reason behind ukulele fingerboard & its connection with music concept. I believe that "understanding" can go further than "just memorisation".

    Class will be on 8 Saturdays 1-2.30pm, starting on Saturday 10th October until 5th December 2020 (14th November's public holiday).
    We're going to talk all about 1=C (the solfege & fingerboard position, diatonic chords of 1=C, simple ear training : recognizing chord characters, chord progression, finding chord by hearing, etc), rhythm study, finger exercises, strumming pattern, and many more foundational but fun subject to learn ������
    Minimum class : 7 pax
    Maximum : 25 pax
    Rate : SGD150/pax or SGD290 for 2 pax (payment by paynow or paylah for SG residence). For overseas participants, just pm me for my paypal account.
    Lesson will be conducted via Zoom. For those who're new to Zoom, it's actually fun. You'll feel like you're seated on the front row, you can see my big whiteboard & my demo clearly ��
    Here's some Zoom experience from my classes :
    http://<a href="</a>

    And here's from our Intermediate class (they've gained some essential music understanding to play solo chord - melody, watch till the end where the students play Lava Song collectively) :

    Let me know & let's start your fun ukulele journey

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    Re: Ukulele Online Course - Elementary & Intermediate Classes

    Aloha all wonderful people ��

    Please spread this...Since Christmas is around the corner it's a good opportunity to learn some Christmas popular song in our online Intermediate Ukulele Bishan Community Club ����⛄������
    For the upcoming Intermediate Class I'm thinking to break down this song into size bite for you to learn :

    It's an interesting tune that involves 2 keys that interchange smoothly, good for some interesting mind games. We'll talk about it in details in our fun class soon.

    Intermediate Class is when you learn ukulele in depth, learn about the feel, the groove, the technique, solo chord-melody concept, etc. Here's some sample from the previous batch : (you'll see how the class played Lava Song solo chord-melody one after another, so fun).

    Registration & details for Intermediate Ukulele Course are in this link :

    For those who don't play ukulele yet, or you don't play solfege on your ukulele, don't fret. You can join our fun but yet fundamental Elementary Ukulele Course. Check out the link here :

    For those who never join online class before, here're some samples from our previous classes :

    Let it snow, let's uke together ��

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    Re: Ukulele Online Course - Elementary & Intermediate Classes


    I'm so blessed with fun & enthusiastic class. Everyone progresses very well. I want to share this fun video, some snippet from our online class & collective Arirang:

    In this video I want to share some snippet from our classzoom & some collective playing from some of the students. Watch till the end as it's got some interesting twist in the video.

    Good news for Singapore residence, online Ukulele Courses are starting this Saturday under Bishan Community Club, join our fun & fundamental learning process.
    Elementary Ukulele Course :
    Intermediate Ukulele Course :

    Don't forget to like, share & subscribe. Stay tuned & see you soon.

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