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Thread: Female Vocalist Available

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    Female Vocalist Available

    Hi guys, I have always love singing and is looking forward to work/collab with people.
    Most of the time I sing Mandopop and a countable amount of Japanese and English songs. Hahaha~
    You can check some of my covers at .
    Do hmu if you (guys) feel we could work together. Cheers!

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    Re: Female Vocalist Available

    Hi,i'm Chris here and i'm a drummer.I am looking for a female vocalist to form
    a Mandopop Band.I feel we could work together.Do WhatsApp me +6588133697
    if you are interested in collaborating with my band.

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    Re: Female Vocalist Available

    This Inoran Chris, he sent me a topless video of himself drumming 3 years ago...

    Girls... take note


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