Hello World!

I'm Aaron and I am a 24 year old Musician in the local scene here and have been playing drums since I've known this world! Been blessed with opportunities to learn from and work with some of the finest talents in town and around the world and would love to share everything I know with you. Literally everything!

I'm open to teaching Drums hopefully in a way that applies to all styles and threads of Music! I might not be able to play all of them but surely able to guide you through the mechanics of improving your own skills and finding your own sweet spots towards the forms of Music you love.

Genres that I'm interested in are anything #BAM (BlackAmericanMusic) related - Swing, Be-Bop, Avant-garde, Funk, Traditional African, Afro-Beat, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Hip-Hop, Soul, Neo-Soul, R&B, Pop/Rock - but able to teach you how to involve yourself with any genre out there through improving at your instrument.

Open to all levels from completely New to so Advanced that you're bored with life!

Things we can go through - Improvisation, Rudiments, Speed, Technique, Independence & Coordination, Transcribing/Transcriptions, Analysis of Music/Drummers, Odd-Time Signatures, Personal Practices/Routines, How To Play Songs, How To Listen To Music etc.

I'm looking to charge $50/lesson but definitely negotiable, especially if you're willing to commit to multiple lessons over a period of time - we can work something out!

DRUMSETS ARE NOT REQUIRED, but would be great to have!
Just a minimum requirement of a pair of sticks, something to hit/practice pad and your attention.

Lessons are obviously conducted via Zoom/FaceTime/Skype.
Contact me via aaronjameslee.hm@gmail.com or Carousel Chat!

*I do not play double pedals proficiently at all but I can definitely guide you through honing your skills!Name:  photo_2020-06-05 22.34.41.jpg
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