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Imp Act is an independent instrumental rock band based in sunny island Singapore. Eugene, Qush, and Willie met at LASALLE College of the Arts when they were working on a few experimental electronic music and soundscape projects. After spending time working on those projects, they realize that they have a common interest in listening and playing rock music. In Nov 2019, they formed Imp Act out of passion and love for rock music and they want to do something more with the music. They want their brand of music to create a sense of community and belonging for rock music lovers.

Their current musical direction features a combination of melodic elements fused with nuances of musical technicalities delivered through the style of instrumental heavy rock. Their latest debut single titled ‘Another Life’ is about people’s journey living in one of many multiverses. The paths they chose and battles they fought along the way in each universe eventually led them to the same ending as in other universes. Yet each version of them is different in every way because of what they experienced during the journey to their destination. The band hope that you will experience our music in a way that is profound to you in this universe.

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