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Thread: Online guitar improvisation and composing lesson

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    Online guitar improvisation and composing lesson

    Hello, I'm Matthew.
    I teach electric and acoustic guitar. I've got a higher diploma in Guitar performance from The institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London.
    For this circuit breaker I'll be doing online lessons on improvisation and creating melodies so you can play over backing tracks and also come out with melodies if you want to write a song.
    Topics I'll cover. Scales - the various different types of scales, how and when to use them, Phrasing - when to play when to hold down the notes. Dynamics - When to play loud and soft. Chords - The different types of chords and how to use them to create a melody. Different genres of music, rock, blues, jazz, ballad mainly, but you are free to ask about other genres.
    The style of the lesson would be like a tutorial where by I'll be doing a lot of explanation and demonstration and then let you try it out if you have any questions you can stop me and ask. It would be like a 1 or 2 lesson kind of course.
    My rates are $40 for 1 hour session. If interested sms me at 84054057.
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    Re: Online guitar improvisation and composing lesson

    can you teach fusion guitar?

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