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Thread: Guitarist LF Band/Collaborations/Network

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    Guitarist LF Band/Collaborations/Network

    Hey all,

    Zack here looking for band/collaborations/networking.
    Been playing guitars for 14 years and influenced heavily on Metal, Rock and Pop.
    Interested with either doing covers or originals or both.

    Check out my guitar solos recently (minus off backing tracks):
    1. Uh-Huh Blues
    2. Blood Of An Eagle

    Working personally on both audio (songwritings, drum programmings, recording, mixing & mastering, etc),
    And also, video (YouTube, Twitch, etc) contents, so am open to suggestions/ideas/collaborations too.

    PM if anyone interested.

    PS: Heard there is an online jam session server created by Soft itself. Wahhhhh!

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    Re: Guitarist LF Band/Collaborations/Network

    Hey Man,

    Came across your post and was wondering if you are keen to do a collab. Currently doing covers in YouTube using minus one. Im doing mainly malay songs (acoustics).

    Here's some example.

    hit me up.


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