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Thread: Mental Strength of Musicians

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    Mental Strength of Musicians

    hi folks,

    Good day to you...

    i have researched on the mental health of Freelance Musicians in Singapore Society

    and found that

    as HIGH as 57% of Musicians who are self-employed

    suffer from Mental issues due to LOW INCOME

    yet, the mental strength still keeps them going... producing fantastic music every week

    hopefully the SG govt can do something to help these poor freelance musicians who do not have much skills other
    than doing GOOD MUSIC, like me

    you cannot expect a musician to be a GRAB guy/gal forever right?
    or a 7-11 or Cheers cashier just to make ends meet...

    pls do something for us, our leaders up there...

    ^ ^


    only a handful musicians like XiaoHAMSTER earn big bucks from teaching people HOW TO WRITE LYRICS where lyrics writing can be self-taught as long as you read novels, newspapers and magazines... most of her students probably didnt realise that, and were willingly 'tricked by her' into paying school fees, making her super rich
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