Dear all,

Looking to offload my 1989 Fender MIJ Stratocaster in Sunburst.

Great guitar, with loads of mojo. Either a 54' or a 57' reissue (I have emailed Fender and I'm waiting for their confirmation on this). It is a rather old guitar so it does have a few lacquer cracks and various other surface-level impurities (nothing major) - condition is as such for a 31-year-old guitar.

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Original volume and tone knobs have been switched out to a cream set instead. 3-way switch.

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Fret life is good, straight neck - no issues.

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Neck pickup has been changed out to a Lace Sensor. Middle and Bridge pickups are still original.

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Some of the coolest checking I have seen on any guitar.

$970 - comes with a padded gig bag

Selling as I've two other strats and really don't need that many in my arsenal.
Hit me with trades, though. Keen on 335' shapes (particularly the Orville 335), Telecasters, etc.