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Thread: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

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    【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    【梦游】 天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5 插曲2

    also streaming at

    ^ ^

    Artwork2 : 宋终基 (portrayed by Sky)

    ~ Writing is 2nd Life
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    Re: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    太阳的后代 】第五季

    本来是为 婉儿 而写的

    后来 婉儿 离开了 以后,决定改变剧本的方向

    也带进了 陆佳宁 这个 角色

    佳宁 是我现任的影射 , 她真名叫
    佳琪 Rose
    我们在 12.12.2019 正式交往 , 已经三个月了。。

    【梦游】 这首歌, 送给 Rose


    ^ ^
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    Re: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    hi folks,

    as we know, our leaders have decided to "lockdown the entertainment outlets, eg Karaoke from

    26.03.2020 (2359) - 30.04.2020

    hence during this period of time

    my song

    will be made available for free downloads to all

    ^ ^

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    Re: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    When I tot that Rose will surely be the One, Mina appeared on her birthday 24.03.2020 .

    I felt like killing myself because, I did hinted to Mina I like her one year ago, but she acted only on her 23rd bday....

    Then I asked Rose some important questions, but she kept avoiding...

    Three months into the relationship... this is so disturbing because I felt like an idiot all of a sudden...

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    Re: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    mix 3.1 is ready for free downloads & streaming

    i resang 88% of the whole song... and added some more strings...

    dedicate to my soulmate - 佳琪 Rose

    ^ ^

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    Re: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    dear 佳琪 Rose,

    today i spent the whole afternoon sorting things out within myself...

    there are some underlying differences in which we resolve conflicts in a relationship, and i gather that we are unable to come to a common ground after some weeks...

    i am never looking for a part-time lover, but rather someone who can be honest with me and talk things out... and communicate with me when i really need someone to talk to.

    for the past few days, you ignored me completely... and i had to weep alone when i fight the disgusting dragon... who is a hyprocrite in high society, hogging the wealth for his related ones.

    always wanted to know what is going on at your side, but you keep shutting me out...

    i can forgive all kinds of past from a girl, but i cannot accept someone who keeps closing one eye and pretending things are ok or never happened...

    maybe the kind of men who never hurl a single word or vulgarity is who you admire... i do not belong to such category...


    we should just remain as friends

    ^ ^
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    Re: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    Some facts about artiste Sky LAN

    1. Fav colour : blue
    2. Fav music genre : jazz
    3. Fav sports : walking
    4. Fav kind of girl : magnetic voice , can dance a little
    5. Preferred hair type for girls: long, pony-tail or botak
    6. Preferred hair colour for girls: black or gold
    7. Fav snack: Tao Sar Bao
    8. Fav drink: Coffee, Ice or Hot
    9. Fav mode of transport : Train
    10. Fav type of leadership: Lead by example
    11. Fav animal : chihuahua
    12. Fav personality in friends : honesty
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    Re: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    one more thing

    Sky's greatest regret in his life is failing to marry 江婉儿 , not because they don't love each other,
    but rather, they met each other too late...

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    Re: 【梦游】 蓝天昱 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲2

    Mina, my marketing lady

    has posted something which i said in Nov 2019.
    江婉芸 (婉儿) and 蓝天昱 (蓝天) are married on 24 March 2020 +

    ^ ^

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