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Thread: 【伤了又错】 婉儿 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲

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    【伤了又错】 婉儿 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲

    科幻愛情小說 太陽的後代 Season 5 插曲


    when i tot 婉儿 had already forgotten me, she sent me a live recording of her singing of this 2018 piece on 13mar20F, a day after i announced my happy 3 months with Rose.

    this is not going to change anything... but i tot i could at least just honour her singing effort... she sang quite well this round...

    the song is also streamed at

    this round, i gave WanEr voice a "Live feel" mix...

    new bass and some new drums parts, and different guitar tone from the last version.

    hope you like it...

    ^ ^
    Sky 天昱
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    Re: 【伤了又错】 婉儿 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲

    is this singer an existing artiste? She sound quite pro


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    Re: 【伤了又错】 婉儿 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲

    了又错 Hurt
    Vox: WanEr
    词/曲: 天昱
    Arrangement by Sky LAN
    科幻爱情小说 【太阳的后代Season 5 插曲

    你说相见不如不见, 请再说一遍
    不是我不想听你说, 只是一片谎言
    灰暗了,放弃了, 眼中流露真言

    沉默之中头也不回, 忘掉了一切
    感觉好像一张合约, 撕了无法挽回。喉 …
    知道了,想飞了, 心里那么坚决

    为了什么伤了又错, 让心那么痛
    就算你走过, 话也不说, 我也能接受
    路到了尽头, 人也成熟, 自由奔走 (自由的走 )
    曾经深爱过, 曾经拥有过
    两人分开其实都有自己 坚持的理由


    p/s: Mel... which artiste do you think WanEr is? ^ ^
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    Re: 【伤了又错】 婉儿 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲

    don't tell me is 文慧如 ? and you Eq her voice......


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    Re: 【伤了又错】 婉儿 ~ 太陽的後代 Season 5插曲


    ^ ^

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