Hi there, we have been a band for 7 months and had no luck in finding a bassist to jam with us. We mostly play Nirvana and Green day but we have other influences too.

Our band consists of mostly sec 2s (10-14 years old) due to our age we cannot find anybody who plays bass as some of our schoolmates say “bass is not as cool as Guitar” which i don’t believe is true, sometimes i fill in for bass but i cant sing and play it at the same time so we are trying our luck here

We are looking for someone ard the same age as us (14)because we might not be comfortable jamming with someone much older than us. we dont mind someone like 2-3 years older

Influences: Mostly Nirvana(eg Bleach, in utero, etc). Green day, Pearl jam, the beatles,
Alice in the chains, Sound garden, pixies. (We are also working on some originals too)

Thanks and hope you can join us in the future