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Thread: WTSell: Balaguer HH pickup set (Truenobucker and Feral)

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    WTSell: Balaguer HH pickup set (Truenobucker and Feral)

    Got these for my semi custom build, absolutely stunning and monstrous pickups. Honestly would rather sell to a friend to keep them in my sights...

    Coil tapped they give amazing tele like clear cleans, and as straight HH tones they get active kinda hot, meaning very focused distortion, and an immediacy in humbucker cleans I thoroughly enjoy in 2 handed tapping phrases. Very responsive to clean ups too. My config is Truenobucker Neck and Feral Bridge (unorthodox but the Balaguer team said mine was one of their favourite ever combi).

    Only way to get these is to buy a Balaguer, and the Balaguer community rates them very highly.

    Selling them for a measly 170. 2 months of usage, black chrome hardware. Slight scuff on one pup. The Balaguer used market, when they're ever listed, sell these at 90-110 USD a pup but I don't want to handle the hassle of shipping.

    Message me at 90113112.
    Hear it in action here:

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    Re: WTSell: Balaguer HH pickup set (Truenobucker and Feral)

    Sold to a very very pleased gentleman!

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