We are looking for a bassist who can play nirvana,green day, ETC. We are also working on some of our own materials too.

Our band is called “blithe” so far we have: vocals, guitar, rhythm guitar and drummer

Majority of us are sec 1/2, all of us are 10-14 this year( 2020). We are looking for someone around the same age as us, 13,14yrs old. no Gender preference. no need to be professional, just gotta be committed and know what you are doing

If you wanna see or hear our band before you join, you are welcome to drop me a text (introduce yourself first as we might not be comfortable sharing information without knowing who you are)

We also hope u can travel to the hougang area as
there is where we jam

Influences: Nirvana, Green day, pixies, radiohead, alice in chains, Soundgarden, pearl jam. basically anything punk rock, grunge, rock, alternative rock

Hope you can join us in the future! we really need a bassist😊