Hi All,

I'm selling ear plugs made in England by Flare Audio. They are high quality ear plugs highly effective in cutting out sound.

Customers typically buy for the following uses:
- Sleeping
- Music (In clubs or at metal/rock concerts. Some customers bought it for the slipknot concert or when they are near guitar amps)
- Travelling (mask out noisy babies crying)
- Rock Climbers who set routes using the drill

Basically there are different types of ear plugs for your different uses. Feedback has been very decent and you can google the third party reviews.

Sleep or SLEEPs Range:

Isolate 1 and 2 Range:
Basically the isolate 2 is lighter, more ergonomic in terms of shape and hence a more comfortable fit. The memory foam tips in the 2 pro series has a domed top for better fit and lasts longer. Isolate 1 has slightly better ability to cut out sound than 2. But once u go with titanium as an option, definitely cuts out sound very well

CE Certified (conforms to safety, health and environment protection standards, the higher the more sound it cuts):
1: SNR36
2: SNR32

Price starts from $19 to $110. On average, my customer typically spends about $37.

Text me at 9021 8242 and I will be happy to advise which ear plugs will suit your needs. Will be able to send more photos too.

I can do meet ups or postage.