Hi All, I'm selling brand new Flare earphones that are made in England.

Flares Jet comes in three models (I'm only selling Jet 1 and Jet 2):
Jet 1: made from a high tensile polymer, Jet 2; machined from aerospace aluminium

As the density of material used in each model increases, so too does the sound quality.

Hear from the inventor himself, "With Jet my aim was to produce an earphone that reveals more detail in sound and in turn gives less listening fatigue enabling you to enjoy hours of endless listening pleasure. The jets in the earphones have been specifically engineered so that sound is generated, controlled and delivered without adding resonation. This results in greater detail, less listening fatigue and hours of endless listening enjoyment.

Jet technology is precise pressure balancing across all frequencies.

This technology allows us to match the air pressure in front of the driver, to the rear of the driver. As a result, we are able to release a build-up of pressure, or use it to maximise the front output of the earphone.

Flares Jet uses this technology to maximise the front output of the earphone. This reduces distortion levels and boosts overall volume enabling the driver to perform as efficiently as possible.
(Patent pending Jet technology)


3.5mm gold plated jack




Phone call and music control

Flares JET 1 | made from high tensile polymer packs a lot of sound into a very lightweight and cost-effective earphone.

Flares JET 2 | Our aerospace aluminium variant of the Jet range. Again, a lot of bang for your buck and the first of our two metal options of the Jet range. Aluminium is a light yet durable metal and so works beautifully with our technology.

All are designed with our ground-breaking Jet technology and come with a mic/controller for phone calls and music playback.

Jet 1: $55
Jet 2: $75

Price non-negotiable. I've also got high quality ear plugs on sale too. PM me at 9021 8242