Hi,Beginner here,am looking for a vocalist (Male or Female) for an acoustic duo.Songs will be open to different genres (As long as the song is nice/popular).

1.To do song covers just for the fun of it. (For Youtube ala Boyce avenue)
*i know for some boyce avenue is kental but where he is now compared to those who critisize is maciam 1 on the moon 1 on the seabed.
2.To perform at gigs. (Once the standard is up there)

Am not looking for instant gratification,meaning that this will take some time,energy,commitment,and passion for music.

- Love to work with a normal person rather than some "Artist-wannabes".
- Someone flexible.

Preferably 👉30 to 40 yrs👈 of age.
Pm me.
& Thks for reading.