Up for sale is my near mint Ceriatone King Kong 100W head.

This is a fully handwired 2(.5) channel amp (with an extra master on the lead channel for a solo setting).

The amp has loads of tweakbility in the form of multi position switches that change the character of each part of the circuit

Each front-end gain stage has a 3 position bright switch (i.e. 1 on the clean channel, 2 on the dual gain stages of the lead channel)

The clean channel is based on older plexis and has 3 different voicings for 60s, 70s and modern toanz.

The lead channel is based on a Jose Arredondo modded Marshall with tonnes of drive and 3 position voicing switches on each of the channel's 2 switchable master volumes.

The resonance (deep) and presence controls each also have 3 way switches that change the cutoff points of the respective control giving you a lot of control over both highs and lows in your later amplification stages and the overall tonality of the power amp.

More info here: https://www.ceriatone.com/hot-rodded...king-kong-100/

A buffered effects loop has been installed for wider compatibility with the gamut of pedals out there vs the default passive loop.
The amp can be biased to use and is pin compatible with 6L6s or EL34s

Looking for ~$1,800. Trades for guitars and other amps welcome!

Contact me at eight 49 zero four 75 zero