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Thread: Looking for lead guitarist for duo

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    Looking for lead guitarist for duo

    Any guitarist keen to form up a duo?

    I play guitar and sing, active busker.

    But came to the sad conclusion that my solo sets just lack the musicality. Would love to find a solid guitarist to play the solos, melodies, and generally play better guitar than me.

    You can play the electric or acoustic guitar, I think that’s no issue. If you want to sing, lagi best. Always welcome another mic to the show.

    Keep hearing ching-chong-ching-chong G-Em-C-D strumming throughout the sets can be really bland. So the search begins for a lead guitarist.

    I’m a working adult, so this is just a hobby. But I’ve done busking, and a couple of live sets at some restaurant/bar kinda places. Small time only, far far away from jack ‘n’ rai level.

    I’m a guy. I’m early 40s, look normal, not as handsome as David Beckham, but definitely not Quasimodo. Married man, not a freako or buaya.

    I don’t really have a fixed genre, just play anything that’s nice. But generally like songs by Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Tracy Chapman, oldies, classics, popish stuffs like Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran also can (Just down-key to infinity ). Typically stripped down versions of songs, like those “akoostik” sets you see at bars.

    And I also cannot do those screeching soaring rock voice. Simply no talent. So no Bon Jovi or AC/DC stuffs.

    Here’s a look at a typical set:
    1. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson
    2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something
    3. Even Better Than the Real Thing by U2
    4. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
    5. Your body’s a wonderland By John Mayer
    6. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
    7. Luka by Suzanne Vega
    8. Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton
    9. High and Dry by Radiohead
    10. Somebody’s Crying by Chris Isaak

    PM to discuss if you want more song list to get a better idea, exchange videos, or whatever.

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    Re: Looking for lead guitarist for duo

    Hi Bro,

    I am keen,

    Do WhatsApp me at 91205115.

    Thanks, appreciate a reply.

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