Hey all ó Iím a vocalist looking to get a regular music practice going.

Looking for: Guitarists / Keyboardists / Fellow Vocalists

Age Group: 20-35

Proposal: Once a month, 2-3 hours at my place in Serangoon. Weekends preferred. Not able to pay money for jamming studios at this point. Would like to work on both originals and covers. I have a keyboard and amp at my place, but you would have to bring your own guitar.

Goal (for myself): To get back in touch with music after being rusty for a while. To learn to enjoy music and not apply too much performance pressure on myself as I did in the past. To find a jamming partner, or partners, that I have chemistry with.

Ruling out: Gigs/recordings/albums/paid work. Not looking for anything of that level at this point.

Genres: I enjoy stuff that is acoustic, sincere and soulful, with a jazzy touch here and there for some songs. I donít have a favourite artist or band, but these are some artists whose work I am inspired by ó Oh Wonder, Brittany Howard, Pentatonix (their originals), Jessie J and Ariana Grande (I canít reach their high notes, but I enjoy the feel of their acoustic improv stuff)

My past experience: Classically trained pianist in childhood, but lost touch. Tried rock music (as both vocalist and keyboardist), didnít enjoy it. You can check out my YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4O...v33usPiDpk3TWQ)
and Soundcloud (soundcloud.com/stacyooi) channels for my originals and covers

Trial period: We can try jamming together for about two sessions before we decide if we have chemistry. If not, we can part ways after that ó no hard feelings.

What I am looking for in a jamming partner: Someone who comes prepared for each session. Donít need to have memorised all the chords, but at least need to have the material ready and have heard the song before. Someone who is a good listener, who knows how to attune him or herself to the needs of the song and situation. Someone who participates with intention and sincerity. Someone who practices open communication and good boundaries (keep things professional, respect each other).

Do contact me @staceooi on Telegram as I wonít be checking the soft forum too often. Please include your Soundcloud/YouTube/relevant links when you text me. Thanks!