Hi all,

selling a used but not abused 1993 USA made Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue combo.

Some specs:
2 Channels, Normal & Bright. Modified circuitry to have both channels in phase, as well as enable reverb and tremolo across both channels.
Bright cap removed from Bright Channel for better tone when playing with pedals.
12" Ted Weber USA-made ceramic Amsterdam speaker. 80-watts 8 ohms; all the joy of blackface tone without the ice pick.
6 preamp tubes, 1 GZ34 rectifier tube, and 2X TAD power tubes for 22 watts of all tube power.
Comes with a premium padded TAD cover, original footswitch and upgraded speaker cable.

For many of us, finding a decent clean pedal platform that sounds great in the bedroom and on stage is the eternal struggle. More of than not, we would look to the Blues Junior just because it is small and compact, but then have to deal with limited headroom the moment we step onstage. With the Deluxe Reverb, you get that classic Fender blackface tone, but now with the upgraded components, you can play at home or in front of an audience with the same amp that does not cost you the earth, nor is too heavy and bulky to bring around.

The Weber Amsterdam was installed to take away the piercing ice-pick tone you would normally associate with Fender amps of this design. This was special-ordered from the USA and installed 1 year ago. This is the amp for your pedal lovers, or for jazz/soul guys who just want to go straight into the amp. Punchy, bold, and in-your face tone for days.

The classic Fender reverb is what you come to the Deluxe Reverb for, and it never fails to deliver that lush, sweet smoothness we have all heard in countless records.

Selling at $1200 FIRM. Selling to clear space as I have too many amps for my own good.

No lowballers, jokers or time-wasters. Serious musicians and tone lovers do contact me at 9 eight 5 six 0 four 1 three. We can arrange an audition of this great amp, where you can bring your guitar and explore its tonal capabilities.