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Thread: Private Guitar Lessons with Redwan Hamzah!

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    Private Guitar Lessons with Redwan Hamzah!

    Guitar lessons available for students of all levels! Let me help you with your guitar-playing journey, and shape it in ways that you desire.

    I hold a Diploma in Music Teaching (Level 6) and Rockschool Grade 8 Guitar, and have over twelve years of teaching experience in various capacities (music school, primary and secondary schools, private teaching etc). I run a music education company Insyncsg, and compose music as a solo artist. I also play guitar for various artistes here (Sezairi, Tim De Cotta, Din Ilango...)

    For more information, please visit
    You could also drop me a line at either, or my mobile number 87765818.

    Some snippets of my playing can be found here and here.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Re: Private Guitar Lessons with Redwan Hamzah!

    Slots still available! Contact: 87765818

    Timings are flexible, and so is the location. I can either travel to your place, or hold the lesson at a music studio in town.

    A common question I've been receiving is "What will I be learning?" Here are some topics that will be covered:

    - Music Theory, Chord Construction, Harmony
    - Technique and Dexterity
    - Chordal Vocabulary
    - Relaxation Concepts
    - Rhythm and Groove
    - Various Styles of Music
    - Improvisation
    - Sight-Reading
    - Tone Development
    - Songwriting
    - Creating Textures using Effects

    Lesson plans will be customised to each individual student. I conduct trial lessons, so if you feel at the end of the first lesson that I am not a suitable teacher for you, that lesson will be free of charge! If you'd wish to continue, we will discuss fee structure and more details in person then.

    Get in touch to arrange your trial lesson

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