Hi im looking to form a swing, jazz oldies acoustic/live band. Im a vocalist/guitarist. Doing Malay/English songs. And recording a Malay single soon..and im under a label, artist management. Songs no problem already have plenty to be recorded. If ure a bassist ure welcome too. Ill share more if ure interested.

Purpose of this band-
Malay Original recording - with me under artist management/production. Single launching, Music video shooting, photoshoot, interview with media, Berita harian, Ria 89.7fm, trip to Malaysia for radio interviews and performances. Current band named Eth band. Our MTV still showing on malay Suria channel song title Kepastian. You can check in youtube too.

My own fb page "Bedroom corner". I also run the page and working on the page development. Planning to do some music programs on the page.

Lets work as a team/band. Do anything else that works for the band like other event gigs, acoustic performances and i dont mind busking too for the fun of it.

For covers Malay/English.

Pm me if interested.