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Thread: best option for e drum

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    best option for e drum


    Seems like nobody comes to forum that frequently anymore. Notice some threads are years ago.

    Have a question on electronic kit.

    Sold my acoustic drum kit after not been playing for many years. Recently the drive to play drums comes back to me and so i took some time off to go shopping at Swee Lee to try out their electronic kit.

    There are many roland and alesis drums so it can be a little bit hard to compare the difference in modules function. What are your take on the best option for e drum and module? Looking around 2k.

    Tried the Alesis Command and ROland TD-17KVX. KVX exceeded my budget slightly. Need to work harder at work for more budget!
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    Re: best option for e drum

    Hey i am selling my yamaha e-kit, if you are interested, you may come down and take a look
    Yamaha DTX750K electronic drum kit with double pedal for S$2,200
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    Re: best option for e drum

    Zhen he,

    You sell in Carousell $1900, but $2200 in soft.


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    Re: best option for e drum

    Bro I just changed my price today and I posted it with the link to my carousell page but soft removed it
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