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Thread: A lesson shared on Christmas Day 2019

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    A lesson shared on Christmas Day 2019

    dear all musicians in SG

    had a revelation today about "Lessons in life"

    today i learnt that, things we take for granted can disappear or be social network accounts, friends, $$$

    there is a group of 20% Elites in SG controlling 80% resources in our country, and we as Musicians, mostly have to work very hard and get very little financial rewards...

    many people want to listen to our music... for FREE...

    the question is... how are we going to live with Esteem if people we loved, like our Mother, Aunties, keep insulting us, saying we are useless or lazy and earning too little compared to Politicians, Soldiers, Doctors, Lawyers or Policemen ?

    we all know how we are paid compared to some professions in the country... our pay sucks...

    Singapore is a democracy, and we as working Citizens have the power to change the way resources are distributed...

    all we need is a pen and a paper, and a box.

    come, next year 2020, let us all Awaken, and shape our future together.

    Merry Blue Xmas !

    Yours sincerely,

    ^ ^
    Sky Lan

    sharing my sci-fi fantasy love novel with all Singaporeans
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