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Thread: Is Humility a disguise for sheer Arrogance?

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    Is Humility a disguise for sheer Arrogance?

    lately I have witnessed with my bare eyes that there are some musicians claiming to be


    in soft forum

    good to know there there are humble people in this place
    but more important to see the skin of some devils who lurks beneath

    if Humility can be told to all, what is the intrinsic value?

    another dimension of what most people termed as Humility, are indeed Hypocrisy at its highest point

    these guys have just won an Oscar Award for best actor and best supporting actor in SOFT.

    congratz, but I am not enjoying the movie.

    have a great time on Humbility instead


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    Re: Is Humility a disguise for sheer Arrogance?

    Advertising and encountering...
    Are two different things sadly in the world today. Expecting it can be “hopeful” but realistically it’s a surprise.
    I’ve learnt not to have any expectations. Safer to not build any images in my head. So I have less to be appalled by or less to be impressed by...
    Everyone finds their own "sound" someday...

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