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Thread: Helloz (^~^+)

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    Helloz (^~^+)

    Hi! I'm Neko. Here to start a two-piece synth pop/electronica band.

    I make music through my computer using Reason (I don't really enjoy the term 'producer' that much.. just my view) Won't say I'm a pro and I'm always learning new stuff ^^ Been pretty much inspired by Owl City at a young age and then came along acts like Madeon and Porter Robinson... and so on(anime based electronic-pop music).

    I'm trying to find someone who's a singer-songwriter (preferably one who is interested in the same type of music as I am). Well do get back to me if you're looking for the same thing too. Here's my email since I won't be checking this website very often...


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    Re: Helloz (^~^+)


    could you at least share with us, are you guy or girl?


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    Re: Helloz (^~^+)

    I'm a guy :3

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    Re: Helloz (^~^+)

    I also don't describe myself as "producer"


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