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Thread: SkyStudios endorses Love972 and Yes933

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    SkyStudios endorses Love972 and Yes933

    hi Softies,

    SkyStudios would like to announce that:

    with effect from 17 November 2019 (Sunday)

    our studio endorses Mediacorp Chinese Radio Stations Love972 and Yes933.

    our good testimony of SPH Chinese station UFM1003 has abruptly come to an end after they blocked my phone number in whatsapp over my opinion over a local film director who lives overseas, but says he can see Singapore clearly by living abroad,

    Sky Lan as a local music producer, feels insulted by two issues:

    1) That local Chen surname male film director's using "a finger being blurred at close sight and clear at far sight" to depict himself being able to see SG clearer overseas than We who lives inside Singapore. I will not support his latest movie.

    2) UFM1003 for blocking my whatsapp without even bothering to negotiate over this matter of opinion. This is the third time UFM1003 has blocked my number in whatsapp and i will no longer support this petty radio station led by DJ Wong Woon Hong 鸿
    . FYI, i have been using nicknames to fly under the radar to avoid being detected and "blocked". They simply have a dictator culture there over comments they cannot tolerate. very petty.

    yours sincerely,

    ^ ^
    Sky Lan


    p/s: If SPH thinks i have wrongly accused UFM1003, or that DJ Wong Woon Hong wants to Sue Me for defamation, I will take him on in the State Court of the Republic of Singapore. In my humble opinion, DJ Wong Woon Hong has set a bad culture in their radio station. I can tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in the court.

    btw...i learned this "Sue me" thing from Lee Hsien Loong, our great leader.
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    Re: SkyStudios endorses Love972 and Yes933


    I agree to a certain extent Huang Wen Hong is a bit arrogant in attitude, but maybe you guys should mediate outside court first.


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    Re: SkyStudios endorses Love972 and Yes933

    talk about 1003,

    actually there is another male DJ i dont quite like : Weilong
    i find him somewhat braggy and smug
    prefer Yanwei Xiaoer...he more funny


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    Re: SkyStudios endorses Love972 and Yes933

    dear Amosteobird ( if this is what you want to be addressed...)

    my differences with DJ and leader of UFM1003 Wong Woon Hong has lasted more than 10 years...

    my decision to impeach him from his duties and power come after serious thinking over several nights after the incident...

    This guy has been arrogant, aloof, cocky and insulted me many times since the station started 18 years ago...
    For your info, i once took part in the UFM DJ competition, but at that time, my performance on stage wasn't that outstanding and i was not selected. But that is not the reason why i ended up being DJ Wong's adversary.

    After the DJ selection competition, i continued to be an ardent fan. I even at different eras, crushed on two lady DJs.
    But this Woon Hong the proud, played "righteous" and sent me insulting messages, and threatened to even want to sue me, over me messages of crush to the first lady DJ i liked, many years back. I will not mention her name for she is already married after the saga, to a handsome man.

    My next crush on the second lady DJ happened some years later, and this imbecile DJ Wong continued to mock me over the grudge...
    our relationship gotten from bad to worse, maybe because he also secretly crush on this 2nd lady DJ (who was single then). I notice that in the many group photos that the UFM DJs took, DJ Wong always seem to stand beside this young lady DJ. I find him very disgusting.

    Of course, in the course of work, DJ Wong has groomed many male young DJs like Pornsak, LiangQuan, Weilong, Andrew, Yanwei. Pornsak betrayed him according to DJ Wong's testimony some years back... (Pornsak went to another TV station). Later LiangQuan also left for the same TV station. Then came Weilong who hailed him as 老大 (Number 1, like in secret society triads...).
    Any young DJs in UFM1003 who wants to succeed in the station must address him as 老大 the biggest man in the station. This is like a cult ritual that consolidated his power in UFM.

    It is really up to DJ Wong whether he wants to SUE ME over my amplification of WHO HE REALLY IS.
    He always like to post as a spiritual leader 黄大仙 to lecture listeners on moral values with an authoritative tone in his programme.
    But when it comes to walking the talk, he ain't no Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, or Prophet Muhammad.

    I have one firm statement and opinion to make: Wong Woon Hong 黄文鸿 is a Hypocrite. 虚伪的人

    I am ready to take him on in the court of laws in SG, if he sues me.

    yours sincerely

    ^ ^

    (my artiste name)
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    Re: SkyStudios endorses Love972 and Yes933

    First, I would like to congratulate Yeo Yann Yann the Malaysian actress for winning the Taiwan 56th Golden Horse Best Actress Awards.

    That aside, I would like to say

    It is heaven's decision that the movie "Wet Season" produced by UFM1003 DJ Wong Woon Hong FAILED to win the best picture, best director or best original script award.
    In other words, the SG Chen director who lives overseas and claimed that he can see Singapore clearer than us, did not really win anything substantial except for the outstanding Malaysian actress's success.

    Please try again next year 鸿 & director Chen。

    for your info, i do have friends who know the judges.
    and they told me your movie is very mediocre, only the lead actress is good.

    although i did not attend the Awards in Taipei, I believe i can "see director Chen's disappointment clearly overseas (in SG) ".

    Don't cry Anthony, it's raining.

    best regards,

    ^ ^

    Singapore based Singaporean Music Producer
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